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About Us

About Us

Founded in Åre in 2010, Elevenate is shaped by the culture of a modern mountain resort. Here, designer and competitive freeskier Sara Rönngren and UIAGM mountain guide Jimmy Odén realised their vision of high-quality apparel that they wanted to wear in and around the mountains. Well-tailored, long-lasting garments that let you move freely, in any conditions – and you’ll look great along the way.

Since then, Elevenate has grown to include a whole range of performance and casual wear suitable for the mountain and the valley, or anywhere in between. Garments that let you ski, run, bike, climb and breathe – or just enjoy relaxing by a quiet river.

For us, modern mountain life culture is more a state of mind than a location, so we seize every opportunity to promote our vision beyond its original habitat. We’re passionate skiers and almost as enthusiastic about anything else the mountains have to offer for play and recreation – no matter the season. 

But while reaching out to the world, some things remain the same. We’re still based in Åre and our designs are inspired by and tested in the mountains on our doorstep. We're dedicated to excellent fit and use only the best materials. And we go to great lengths to make clothing that you can wear, love and combine for a long, long time – in the mountains or wherever you want to enjoy modern mountain life culture.

Environmental responsibility

We believe that one step towards reducing environmental impact is not to consume more than necessary. In practice, this means that we want our products to have a sustainable design: longevity, high quality, good durability – criteria for minimising negative environmental impact. Our garments should be able to be worn for many years.

Wherever possible, we use bluesign® approved or recycled materials.

Being a business gives us many opportunities to make a difference, which is why environmental work is and must remain a natural part of our decision-making processes.

Elevenate AB works for ecologically sustainable development by:

  • Making carefully considered choices.
  • Striving to give our products good longevity.
  • Choosing high quality textiles.
  • Trying to practice what we preach and promote environmental awareness among our employees.
  • Believing that small steps move us forward towards great results.
  • Evaluating environmental and conservation issues in all our decision-making. Fulfilling legislated requirements.


Elevenate AB uses suppliers from Europe and Asia. Imports from outside of the EU are primarily from Asia, so a majority of our transports are by sea. One example of a country with which we currently work is China. Unfortunately, deliveries in Europe are mostly via road transport, but other, more environmentally-friendly, options are always considered for freight with the EU.

We avoid air freight wherever possible. This is partly for financial reasons, but also due to the desire to have the least possible environmental impact.